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Sqd Ldr Bill Body (rtd)
20/04/2014 16:55:08

My father joined the RFC in 1918 and the excellent and atmospheric restoration of Stowmaries has brought to life for me what those brave men went through. The museum is fascinating. Future generations will benefit from this splendid volunteer project which deserves all the help it can get.

hammed kalute
12/04/2014 14:51:18

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John S Shaw
10/04/2014 08:31:22

Good to see your work. We have put a link on our site to help promote. I am not sure our Sopwith Camel will ever get there!

Mark Minary
09/04/2014 22:25:47

Hi all, I flew in today in my Bulldog CB. Many thanks for your hospitality. I look forward to following the development of this important piece of wartime history and English heritage. Well done so far and keep going. I look forward to visiting again soon.

Mrs Sarah Alexandra Tasker
09/04/2014 12:22:19

Keep up the good work!

14/03/2014 12:50:02

Love your website, cant wait to visit

14/03/2014 12:49:23

Love your website. Cant wait to visit

tony harte
06/03/2014 13:58:42

well done fantastic work

Mick Walton
09/01/2014 16:42:36

this is a great project, good luck in the future, will be visiting in 2014

Dave H-G
08/01/2014 11:42:28

Hi All - Thank You for all your kind messages - looking forward to meeting you at Stow in 2014 - Cheers Dave H-G

Paul Ryan
07/01/2014 12:13:22

What a fantastic project, and wonderful piece of history that must be preserved for future generations - Good Luck!!!

Anthony James
27/12/2013 20:30:18

It is great that you are protecting this piece of history

Barry light
02/12/2013 13:43:39

Good luck with your project. I will be watching.

Nigel Withyman
17/11/2013 22:15:47

Brilliant and unique project. Will be visiting soon.

Tony Ridley
23/10/2013 12:50:45

Heard about this on BBC Look East and did some digging as a result. I am looking into my family history and there are some positive leads. A good and worthwhile project. Well done, keep this going.

J Anderton
19/10/2013 15:51:49

can not wait to visit might motor day in a day or two, great work...

Gordon Hudson
18/10/2013 20:43:33

Good work,it will be really nice to have a slice of aviation history in Essex.So many Essex airfields have houses on them now.

roger manning
16/10/2013 23:55:48

a wonderful project and provides a teaching and scientific link to the early days of RFC and flight for children and us all.

Graham Hill
16/10/2013 19:54:01

Fantastic news on the grant. Heard about your great work on BBC Essex Quest. Keep the project alive.

Nigel Gibson
16/10/2013 17:15:04

terriffic work so far on what promises to be a unique living museum and wonderful, lasting memorial to all those who gave service during the Great War and the millions who survived only to have do it all over again just a few years later! Can't wait to visit.

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