How are we going to decrease air traffic from current levels? << back to FAQ Menu

Currently on some days there are up to 20 test landings (PFL's) from local flying clubs and local organisations. This is in effect 40 "movements" - i.e approach to airfield and departure from airfield. In addition the site is also currently used as a suitable practice area for aerobatic diplays.

As soon as we become an operational airfield:

1 - All PFL's will be prohibited - there will be an exclusion zone of 2000 feet altitude and a 2 mile exclusion zone around the aerodrome for overflying air traffic.

2 - All aerobatic flying activities will be in effect be prevented by the point above.

3 - Under our operational status as a PPR - we are restricted to 24 movements per day - and we term Stow Maries as a “COME AND GO” Airfield, meaning to all pilots - COME, get in your aircraft and GO.

4 - No "circuits" - meaning a pilot will not overfly the local area to land - and instead has two Visual Reporting Points (VRP's) - which will give a direct approach to the airfield. This is also applicable to the departures.

5 - The nature of the Vintage and Classic aircraft that will use the Aerodrome mean that their flying activities are restricted to optimum flying conditions - which with the local weather in the UK means fairly limited opportunities for flight! As an example - this year from the beginning of January to the end of March there would have been little or no flying activities due to the weather conditions.