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It is proposed that some 15 aircraft will be based at Stow Maries. In keeping with the heritage of the site we prefer these to be of the classic and vintage style.

It is somewhat difficult to precisely define vintage and classic aircraft. There are so many variable factors, unlike a classic car. For example Piper aircraft were used in the second world war as observer’s much as Sopwith’s were used in the first. In an effort to assist interpretation the following points are noted below to provide a further understanding of Stow Maries and its limited operations.

Vintage Aircraft Guidelines.

1. Aircraft from world war one and two

2. Aircraft replicas that are authentic, as in point 1 would be treated as vintage

3. Aircraft that are 50 years or older

4. Aircraft no longer in production

5. Aircraft that have special history, be it aircraft type or owner/pilot achievements etc.

Classic Aircraft Guidelines

1. Aircraft 25 years or older

2. Aircraft that have noteworthy history, this could be some history that a particular aircraft has had in the past with regard to flights carried out for example.

3. Aircraft with some military background. Even a very humble Piper cub was utilised by the United States Airforce in world war 2.As were Cessna’s.

4. Aircraft of a design that is considered not modern and worthy of preservation.

5. A type that could have been instrumental in furthering aircraft design and technology.

Aviation is a relatively modern activity. The first flight was just over 100 years past. There are now in production more modern aircraft, particularly those made by the company Cirrus, from the USA that are becoming the new benchmark standard for new aircraft. These aircraft are now quite prolific and are mentioned to illustrate the difference between modern and historic aircraft.

Stow Maries was an airfield occupied by the Royal flying Corps in the developing stages of aviation and aerial warfare.

The focus for Stow Maries is conservation, preservation and education.

Aircraft of a vintage and classic nature will be the dominant occupant at Stow Maries.